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Has anyone had problems with their fridge needing repair?

I began ohm about half a year ago and I connected the device to my fridge to turn it off. I'm on my second repair; guy is coming out tomorrow. Last time the fridge was freezing on bottom shelves, and the freezer wasn't freezing. This time the freezer is not freezing again, and the fridge is not getting cold. Is it a coincidence or is cutting the power to my fridge 2-3 times a week causing issues? Thanks


  • jessicaedavis79jessicaedavis79 Posts: 1Member

    No, but I did learn the hard way to NOT flip the circuit breaker. I did so and broke the main circuit breaker switch thingy. No power for over 12 hours and I had to pay for a new main switch. So, all said and done; I am $264.59 plus $40.00 to install it, I am more impoverished, and I have only made just a smidge over $151.00. The PGE man that came out said the circuit breakers are not made to be flipped on and off once a week let alone twice. I think the same type of thing might be true for your fridge. They are not meant to be turned on and off.

  • kerbykevkerbykev Posts: 2Member

    I have my refrigerator connected to a wifi plug and it has been turning on and off automatically for every ohm hour for over a year and I have not had any problems.

  • eroq77eroq77 Posts: 1Member

    I have been dealing with my Samsung fridge freezing up the back wall inside the fridge section, off and on for a few years now. Called the local repair man, he says it's very common with LG and Samsung (both made in Korea). I've never had a Smart Plug on my fridge.

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