How to prevent connected thermostat/AC being shut off too early for ohm hour?

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Does anyone else have an issue where their connected-thermostat/AC is turned off prematurely before an ohm hour? In my most recent ohm hour, my connected AC was turned off more than 30 minutes before the start of the ohm hour. The ohm hour started at 7:00 PM, but the thermostat was turned off at 6:27 (see picture).

As you can imagine this caused our ohm hour to be much warmer than it otherwise would be. Is there any setting or configuration I can change to prevent it from being turned off so early?


  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    I have same issue... mine typically goes off 30 min prior too. But plugs are typically ~15 min.

  • Wendy FitzcharlesWendy Fitzcharles Member Posts: 35
    Mine too. But my Plug is right on the dot turning off
  • EnergySavings2EnergySavings2 Member Posts: 9
    I asked basically the same thing and here was the response.

    I actually had my a/c shut off 40 minutes early. While the ac tech was on the roof trying to figure out why my ac kicked off.
  • madan9125madan9125 Member Posts: 5

    Hi there @softwareguy ,

    Thanks so much for your question! Whilst we have scheduled signals to turn off smart plugs before the #OhmHour, turning of Nest thermostats is much more challenging. These have to be manually turned off and to accommodate all OhmConnect users who have thermostats and make sure we turn of all before the hour actually starts, our engineering team has to start turning off each one pretty early. We understand this might be frustrating but hope this makes sense and definitely want to make sure we are shutting off devices so all OhmConnect users have a chance to receive maximum energy reductions!

    Ash from OhmConnect!

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