without turning off a/c all the time

suzqsuzq Member Posts: 1

I got a whopping big -for me - bill from pg&e today. i have my a/c set for 78 degrees - all summer - but, got a $123 bill today. without the a/c going in spring and fall, my bill runs about $60 a month. i am retired, and spend much of the day at home. because i am on a fixed income, at present i don't have the funds to purchase a smart thermostat - does anyone have any suggestions?


  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    reach out to pge. They have programs for low income. I qualified and they repaired things in the house, gave me LED lights, and a new fridge. My neighbor got a new stove as well Beyond that, if you are on their online program you can review where your energy was used hour by hour, it may give you a better picture of how your power is used.

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