How do you remember it is an ohm hour tonight?

I totally spaced and forgot it was an ohm hour, results came in and I went over. I had a streak shield in place so still have my 105 streak (not that anything past 20 helps). (And I don't have enough tokens to forgive this last event). How do you remember? I only have the internet--no smart phone reminders, no devices (no home internet). I guess I have to make a big sign that I can hang on the tv or fridge and hope I remember to see it!


  • sjguyricksjguyrick Member Posts: 9

    I really don't know how you survive these days without the internet or a phone, you are probably saving more there than the 70 cents we get for a one hour Ohm.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351
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    choosing not to have a phone (at least one that I turn on when I want, not 24/7) has made it difficult to perform some tasks. I keep trying to get whomever I need to, to contact me via email but most times people want to contact you by phone. And I don't have a smart phone, just a dumb phone so even if I used it more, it likely would not advise me of things like an OH....

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    @jserramc im a bit confused lol.. You said you only have the internet, but no home internet. Do you just check your email at work or elsewhere? Also you said no smart phone reminders, but a smart phone isn't needed to get the sms text notifications... add ur cell # on the settings page. Usually u get a txt the day before and then 10-15min before the OH.

    Theres a few things i do to ensure i dont forget about an OH. When i get the email the day before, i set an alarm for 15min before the OH. I use google calendar for my event alarms, the same can be done without internet or a device, just set an alarm on a battery powered bedside clock⏰
    At my house we have a magnetic whiteboard to write grocery lists and leave notes and such. I used to write the next OH time and day on it. but i recently made some OH magnets to make it easier and neater.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I made a sign which I now hang on the tv. Not as fancy as your set up but at least it gets me in the right direction! I had no problems for over a year (105 events) by just remembering but on this event I must have really been in another world as I remembered it after it was over. I don't have home internet all the time (I borrow a device from the library so I have limited time) and I am not always online (or in my email) when it happens but mistakes do happen!. Fortunately I was only dinged 73 points for my mess up.

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    @jserramc Im pretty impressed that you have gone this long with no missed OH's!

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    hopefully I can continue...

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