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Haven't seen a mega or prize all summer

Have we done something wrong?


  • Mike BillarMike Billar Posts: 2Member
    I’ve had 5, but nothing now in two weeks. It’s also been hot so I’m shocked there’s been nothing.
  • Wendy FitzcharlesWendy Fitzcharles Posts: 35Member
    I’ve only had 1 in July.
  • James KerrJames Kerr Posts: 5Member
    I have had maybe 2 ohm hours this summer, tried contacting them and they never respond.
  • sanjaramissanjaramis Posts: 6Member
    Same thing here guys. Not only no answer when tried to contact my questions disappeared!
  • mjskremjskre Posts: 1Member

    Why is it that I used to get a MEGA Ohm hour at least every week but now that I have become Diamond I have not received a MEGA Ohm hour for a month?

  • kerbykevkerbykev Posts: 2Member

    I too have not receiving a Mega ohm hour all Summer and I feel it is because I have reached Diamond status. From July to September last year I had 11 mega ohm hours. And this year I have had zero. It defeats the purpose of reaching diamond status because mega ohm hours were how I earned the most last year. It is very disappointing.

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