TP-Link KP200 Smart Outlet help

I used HS110 for a few weeks behind the refrigerator for Ohm hours. But the frig stick out more than 2 inches as I need to connect HS110 and a multi-plug to allow frig and microwave to have power and control. I bought the Smart Outlet KP200, so I can push the frig further against the wall. Even tho the new outlet is in Kasa app, it is not showing up in Ohm devices. Can anyone help? If Ohm cannot connect to it, is there a IFTTT applet that can help me turn off and turn on the outlets? Thanks


  • SmartMeterHouseSmartMeterHouse SCEMember Posts: 22

    IFTTT will do it (OhmConnect service trigger, TP-LinkKasa service action). Best to also use the Kasa app to redundantly turn the fridge ON on a schedule, at say 10:00 pm as if it's the latest endtime you'd expect re an OhmHour.

  • tlee10tlee10 Member Posts: 4

    Somehow the ones I made 1st time didn’t work. Trying to diagnose without much success. I deleted them all and recreate, then it started working.

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