How long does a cash out to PayPal normally take? What if the amount is around $500 to $1000?

I am lucky enough to have won the $1000 gift card, and was presented with the option to send it to points so that I may cash it out however I wish. I wanted to cash out to PayPal and did so on Sat. the 27th. Found out that it requires a manual approval and that takes up to 48 business hours. Ok it is now the 1st and I have not received my money and there has been zero contact to let me know what is holding it up. I filled out the forms as asked and verified my PayPal account. What is the hold up? Why when I ask in the chat does no one person respond, just a silly bot. I am feeling that I will not receive the money and that I have been taken for a fool. I am really upset. Am I the only one?

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    @Nikki Mo

    Congrats on your win. Don't fret about payment, my last one took about 8-10 days. They are way understaffed but I'm 100% sure you'll receive the money.


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    Thank you for the congrats, I guess I am just not accustomed to the lack of communication. 8 to 10 days seems rather long but if the staffing is the issue then I can understand. Thanks for the comment, I actually feel a bit better about it :smile:

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    So today is 8/21/2019 it has been almost 30 days since I made my cash out request. I cashed out on 7/27/2019. I have received one email on 8/4/2019, after I kept asking for help or a status report of my cash out. Their response was:

    Hi there,
    Thank you for writing in. For Cashout > $200 a manual review is triggered. Please give us a a week or two to process it - it should hit your account soon. Going forward, we encourage you to cash out while you are under $200.
    Let us know if you have more questions!
    Team OhmConnect

    That was the is the 21st! Do they mean business days??? This is crazy, I wish I never won that mega now. The lump sum isn't able to be cashed out....and again they are not responding to my emails which by the way was the same day response to the one they sent me. This is just ridiculous do they not plan on paying? Really disappointed and the customer service sucks because there isn't any service, just bots and random email.

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    @samklee Can you please help out @Nikki Mo

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    ironic from OC that they say to cash out before you reach $200 yet this is a single payout from a prize they gave out! Maybe OC should allow people to draw out a portion even if it means you can't get it all for several months. I cash out whenever I reach the minimum (which often takes at least 30 days to earn).

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    I’m running into issues cashing out around $600 because they wanted me to sign a W9. Did that, over a week later and still can’t cash out, still being prompted to fill out the form, still not getting responses from emails and chats to find out what’s going on. Lesson learned: cash out under $200 at a time. 😑 Your issue would be super frustrating being that you have no choice but to cash out that large amount. And yeah, the lack of communication makes it all the more maddening.
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    I am sorry you are experiencing the same issues as me...and I understand your frustration. I have another $200 but can't cash out until the 27th at 4:30pm due to the last time I cashed out...smh lmao. This is such a joke, I've sent more emails hoping they will see it and respond. Sadly I'm sorry to say that I'm kinda sorta glad I'm not the only one in this position. I was starting to think I've annoyed them so much that they are ignoring me and plan on not doing anything at all. They actually made me feel sad for winning...I have never won anything before....ever! I was planning on paying off my care credit card with the money because dental bills hurt more than a root canal lol.
    I wish you luck in getting paid...hope that they take pity on us and just do the morally right thing and just pay up.
  • Wendy FitzcharlesWendy Fitzcharles Member Posts: 35
    Now I’m worried. I have over $200 and counting, earning more as I type.
    Is anyone having luck cashing out over $200?
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