What time frame do these settings show?

Hi all
I am back from vacation and was setting my ohmhours back up. I forgot to take a snapshot before I changed them. What does this set up tell you? I wanted to be sure I had it right. lol Thank you ;)

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  • stormysbstormysb Member Posts: 70

    Thank you, I wasn't sure ;)

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    just curious, how many OH do you get between noon and 6 PM?

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    @jserramc fwiw.. The last time i had an OH start earlier than 6pm was March 14th 2018... i have my ohmhour timing set available for all 24/7. They must have changed something right around that time, before that i actually had quite a few OH's earlier than 6pm. Wow, its funny to look back at my csv file and see how things have changed lol.. i actually had an OH at 10am back in Aug 2017 lol.

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