Why is it taking so long for results of Ohmhours to update?

Maybe I just haven't noticed before, but, it seems that it is taking a long time for the results of Ohmhours to update on the system. Today is 8/19 and the results from an Ohmhour which took place 10 days ago haven't been updated yet. Just wondering if anyone else is noticing this, or, if this is normal. Thanks!

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  • justin-christianajustin-christiana Member Posts: 1
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    Any update?

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351
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    Today I see a notice on the home page when I first log in that PGE is having issues with results since 8/9. You might try looking also on the known problems which you can find on the page when you click on help.


  • jlawson937jlawson937 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks to the both of you for responding. I did have a couple days update, 8/14 and 8/15. 8/10 has not updated yet. Its just surprising why it would take so long to update.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I had one not update for a long time, I kept asking OH about it, finally they just handed me some points saying it was too old even though I had been contacting them about it.

  • WarsongWarsong Member Posts: 4

    I'm having the same problem w/ pge on August 10th. I've had a few since then show points fine, but August 10th still shows no points nearly 2 weeks later.I've sent an email to ohm-connects support and also sent them a message in their "live" chat and have not received a response.

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