Regarding my referral bonus is not credited.

naveen2010-vnaveen2010-v Member Posts: 4

I have referred my friends to OhmConnect. Please find the list.
1. naveen-rajrathan
2. ashikachhabda

Out of these 2 friends , one friend ( naveen-rajrathan) completed all steps required for referral bonus.
1. utility approval
2. getting to Silver Status
3. participating in #OhmHours (Participated more 5 times in ohm hours)

Note : He got his welcome bonus also.

Still i didn't get my referral bonus. Please check my issue.


  • zachrob5zachrob5 Member Posts: 2
    I am having this exact same problem. My referral has completed all steps and even been paid for the OhmHour they have participated in but I have not been paid.

    Normally I would just message support and it would be fixed but support hasn't replied to any of the five discussions I have started in the last month.
  • naveen2010-vnaveen2010-v Member Posts: 4

    exactly same problem. They are not responding to my query. Always they will auto reply with some well formatted scripts.

    Even my friend got welcome bonus also.

  • naveen2010-vnaveen2010-v Member Posts: 4

    Hi Team,

    Can you respond to my query ?
    Able to see report also showing referral is Approved.
    APPROVED naveen-rajrathan 7/16/19 PGE Silver


  • cvldz1cvldz1 Member Posts: 1

    Im currently having the same issue. My referral person signed up, got their bonus and has participated in hours.. yet, nothing! Help!

  • jlawson937jlawson937 Member Posts: 6

    I have a referral that completed the steps and participated in an Ohmhour where they earned points. I messaged help and was informed that they needed to add paypal info. I did that, but still nothing. The message response also said that they need to participate in an ohm hour, but, they already had participated and earned points. What gives?

  • SmartMeterHouseSmartMeterHouse SCEMember Posts: 22

    Me, too. They did their steps in plenty of time, yet nothing for me hmmm.

    I wouldn't care at all cuz I'd just use some tokens for the 2-week Referral Madness "badge" this morning. But the Referral Madness "badge" is no longer one of the token redemption choices. Prolly just a weird coincidence, because I trust OhmConnect to be on the up-and-up with their HIGHLY PUBLICIZED PROMOTIONS.

  • cainable1cainable1 Member Posts: 1
    Same here mine even went gold , my sister's referral went platinum no bonus for us neither
  • shawndreashawndrea Member Posts: 2
  • tryersontryerson Member Posts: 3
    So glad I’m not the only one, I have sent 10+ emails to them regarding this and all I get back is the automated crap. I have sent them screenshots of my referrals home page showing everything is done and she has participated in hours. It’s so annoying when we are not getting actual human responses back from the OHM team.
  • giantsfan5giantsfan5 Member Posts: 2
    One of my referrals that I'm working with has gotten over $20 and ohm hour she's withdrawn over $50 her second time withdrawing so it doesn't make sense but I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this have you guys noticed the referral bot cycle people have went to 500 to 1000 to 2500 all the way up past $4,000 like this is sick
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