Points Discrepancies

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Can someone explain why the points I received on August 10 were higher than the points I received on August 25? Both were 2 hour Mega Ohm Hours with a goal of .466, my forecast use was 1.060 on the 10th, and 1.304 on the 25th, my actual use for both was 0.000. Also my streak bonus was at 100% on the 25th but only at 90% on the 10th. So how is it possible that the points I received on the 25th (1056) were nearly 100 lower than the points I received on the 10th (1145)???


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    Each ohm hour is rated differently so even though your forecast may be the same or almost the same, the amount you earn will change from hour to hour and from person to person, even if it is your neighbor. The streak moves up each event you are successful but should only move up 5% until you reach 20 whcih would net you 100%. Anything after 20 is no extra credit (they changed it about a year ago). From this point you should be getting a 100% bonus each time you have a successful OH. Any time you falter your streak would drop to 10 (50%) and you would be climbing the ladder again. (My normal earns are in the low 3 digit range so imagine my surprise one day when I got a total of 13. TOTAL. With bonuses!)

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