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Does anyone still work here?

pgepge Posts: 4Member

I have been trying to cash out my charity team points since May. No one responds when I request support help. Does anyone still actually work here?


  • pgepge Posts: 4Member

    Seriously, hello? Have not received a response from the support team in over a month!

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAPosts: 242Member

    Yeah, I'm approaching the 4th week of chat window service ticket not getting a response either. It goes without say that OhmConnect is prioritizing other things over replying back via Customer Service... there may actually be things more pressing, but we don't know because of the lack of communication. Like in a lot of things... in the lack of a narrative from the company, customers start to filling in their own.

  • Yup, same here. All my OhmHours since the one on August 15th (a month ago) are stuck on "TBD" and support won't respond.

  • Tim LindseyTim Lindsey Posts: 2Member

    Im having the same issue my texas smart meter account is working though i logged in and checked.

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