Facebook flagging sharing post - link as SPAM

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I just shared my cash-out to my FB personal timeline for the first time today (Sep 1, 2019). Within an hour or so, Facebook removed the post and told me it was spam. I was warned about it. Anyone else have this happen?

Here's what I added to the link graphic supplied by OC after clicking on the share to FB button upon cashing out. Did I say something that would be considered "spam"? : "This is a fine program I've been recommending to my environmentally conscious friends. I've already received a little cash back for simply limiting my power use and saving some energy during a specified hour when higher electricity demands cause "peaker plants" to have to be fired up and come online. If you are in California or Texas, you're probably eligible, unless you have a smaller regional utility for electricity. PG&E, SCE, and SDGE all participate under requirements from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). I don't think SMUD does at this point. Click on the picture below to find out if you are eligible and for a referral code for a sign-up bonus (my username is "OakValley.")"


  • OakValleyOakValley Member Posts: 4

    After requesting a reconsideration and review, the sharing post was once more denied. What gives????

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