We feel SCAMMED!!

We have been avid participants for over 3 years now and we are super nazis about unplugging everything during ALL ohm hours. We have smart plugs (fridge) plus all smart thermostats. Look at our account, look at our record, look at our streaks (93 was the highest) look at our (used to be) platinum rank. All of a sudden we are going waaaaay over our forecasted amounts. 2 out of 3 of those days, I am 110% positive that nobody was home and everything was unplugged (we literally unplug everything in our home because we keep our breaker box locked) and shut everything off. Yet we are back down to a 0 streak again. First time we had an 86 streak and barely missed an ohm hour and had to restart again. It’s super discouraging and we’ve made a lot of our money by referrals, but now it makes us not want to encourage others to sign up. My husband almost feels like this program is rigged. We also have solar and we have checked and it’s up and running perfectly. Any issues with SCE reporting incorrect usage? I’ve already checked SCE and the numbers match to Ohm, but it’s just not possible that we have failed 3 ohm hours in a row!


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    I feel your frustration. One suggestion is look at your smart meter when you feel prepared. It will cycle through about 5 screens (different numbers) but one is how many kWh you’re currently using. So if it says, for example, 0.06 kWh then if nothing changed you’re using 0.06 kWh. It helps you in real-time know if anything is sucking power you’re not aware of. It should be visible without unlocking your fuse box as it’s on the meter itself.
  • @Shauna Glicker I'm not exactly sure how solar works...and after 3 years you are definitely OhmHour Veterans...but I can confirm that SCE had been sending incorrect data to ohm at least on my brother's behalf as they were ESTIMATING his usage the Entire Month of July...so the usage I would see on his sce account was the same usage I would see on his ohm account...(and yes it caused him to go over) and sce just chalked it up to their in the middle of upgrading their system...it did eventually fix all but two of his ohm hours...and he is new so his streak was not a major concern...But I too have been a member for 3 years and I get it...the only thing I can say is double check the your sce data is actual data and not estimated data...aslo it does suck to loose your streak but streak bonuses are capped at 20 or 100% bonus now and as we are heading in the the fall payouts won't be has high anyway and there will be time to build you streak back up...I really hope you continue with the program and continue to share the program...you know what it has done for your family and what it can do for others...So I hope you will continue...

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    Yep idk why but my usage has allegedly been super high every OhmHour for the past few months (and I'm not even on SCE, I'm in Texas).

    My OhmHour this week had a forecast of 0.911kWh from 6pm-7pm. I have smart lights, a smart thermostat, and a smart plug on my fridge all hooked up to OhmConnect. I confirmed that they all turned off at 5:59pm and nothing in my entire apartment was on other than my router/modem and a glade plug-in air freshener. Yet over that hour my utility and OhmConnect say I used 0.566kWh. The router uses at most 20W and the air freshener uses 10W. So those two together should have used 0.03kWh over that hour. Where did the other 0.536kWh come from??

    How is that even possible? 0.566kWh is equivalent to running a 1200W microwave for almost 30 minutes straight during that hour period. Obviously that didn't happen. So where is the usage even coming from? This wasn't happening for my OhmHours before the summer.

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    I had a mega OH the other night asking me to use 0.3. I usually unplug fridge and use one light. this makes my use around 0.03. I used a tv and a vcr during this hour which in the past has still kept me under .1. This event triggered 0.1 which I was still under the forecast but makes me wonder what was drawing the power. I had another event last night with similar requests so when I get those results I will compare. (Last nights was no tv). I am with PGE so hopefully all is ok. I'll be checking my online totals as well.

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    We shut off the breakers to the entire house and that's a guarantee that you get 100% participation!! I don't even mess with unplugging, I shut off the ac and shut it all down. :smile:

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    Thanks everyone, I’m not sure if there is an issue between SCE and Ohm connect, but I see that two OH that OC said we originally went over was adjusted and we got our credits back. We went back up from Platinum to Diamond and although our streak was adjusted to 14 instead of 0, I’m still bummed to lose our 93 streak. Still looking into one more OH that we supposedly “went over” on, the usage reporting is just so inconsistent. We shut off and unplug everything the same each time and yet our usage fluctuates so much and it’s frustrating. For sure we will be flipping our breaker from here on out!
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    I've been flipping individual breakers for years and last week actually flipped the house breaker. At first the breaker seemed a bit stiff, I wondered if it were going to work so I flipped it back on, it seemed ok, and I reflipped it off. There were articles by others of their main panel breaker actually breaking so they had to get emergency electric help so if you think your breaker has not been flipped enough, be sure and test it if possible.

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    I found (after many hours on the phone and visits from SCE) that SCE suddenly started estimating my usage. I was also screwed because of this. It went on so long (over 2 months), that OhmConnect would no longer talk about it and at least one of my Mega days was never given to me. So I missed out on contests and the points and the streak. I was also ready to quit. Then I moved......screwed again!!

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    Been trying to quit Ohm for months. We have devices auto connected, which defaults to winning, we never use more than we take cuz we have solar and most times flip our Tesla to off grid during peak. They refuse to acknowledge or fix their errors. Bad communication. The prises never seem to be rewarded. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET OFF THIS!!!
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