none of my devices are listed. tv, computer, lights, dishwasher, etc...they are not on wifi

how do I add devices that I turn off and don't use during those hours? lights, dishwasher, etc...are not on wifi.


  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    The Devices page is where you can connect smart plugs and smart thermostats so that OhmConnect can turn them off for you during an OhmHour. All your other things that are not "smart" you dont need to connect or add. This isn't how they know what you turned off or didnt use durring an ohmhour. Your electricity usage data is sent to OhmConnect by your utility company.
    @booboobear5000 I am guessing that you are new to the program, you should check out the FAQ

  • SmartMeterHouseSmartMeterHouse SCEMember Posts: 22

    My scissors are connected to wifi. Instead of turning this crap off or unplugging it, I just snip the cord attached to my tv, computer, lamps, dishwasher, etc and then the scissors reports what I've done, to OhmConnect. My streak is up to 19...

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