I cashed out my Summer Bonus

I cashed out my Summer event $$$ this morning it hasn't shown up in my PayPal account yet. I have my email verified for PayPal. How long does it take? I thought it should have been there within the hour. It has been close to 6 hours since I did it.


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    If you cash out more than $200, OhmConnect does a manual review. This typically takes at least 24 hours. If you don't get your money by tomorrow, try contacting support.

  • megatypemegatype Member Posts: 1
    Gemini, did your payout clear?
  • monchikimonchiki Member Posts: 3

    OMG...I received an email to go ahead and cash out, then I needed to submit a W-9 and that it could take up to 48 hours, then nothing; after an email sent and response was it could take up to 72 hours, we are well on way to 96 hours and still asking me to fill out a W-9 on the system...I've emailed and emailed and nothing since the 72 hour response. So now I'm just waiting. I just get a little frustrated that they want you to join and refer and I participate almost religiously and still feel they don't respond and maybe say hey we're backed up because we have a lot of folks to verify or whatever, just at least give me something more concrete so I don't keep trying to cash out as per their email. LOL I think I'm just excited to CASH OUT!!! :wink: Has everyone cashed out?

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I did the pay pal in the beginning because the only other option was to turn it into a gift card to buy in their store, nothing which I needed. Then they introduced amazon and target gift cards so that is my go to now.

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