Losing a lot of points on MEGA

I have a few smart plugs and don't flip breakers. If there is an ohm hour, I won't use my electric stove. There is simply not that much power being used here. I'm losing points on MEGA, and it's demoralizing.


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    some people use extra power the days before an event, assuming one would know when this magic time will occur. That way, if you need to do the laundry or run high use electric appliances, try to do so during a time frame you seem to get OH from. Then, if successful, your next hour will take the last 10 days into the equation and since you used more (presumably) during that time, your usage would be artificially high and therefore your mega hour might have a better rate. At the current time it seems like a mega might be monthly or maybe twice a month so you may have to do this artificial boost every two weeks or so to be included. Getting the exact hour is the tricky part, unless you have limited to yourself to ohm hours only from (example) 7-8 PM.

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    Update--the mega from 10/24 gave me a payout of $1.60. Not much but I use little. Forecast for me, after having one big usage one of 10 days was 0.2 something. I used 0.074. Had I not used the power (charging electric car) my forecast would have been closer to 0.1 and I might have earned about 50 cents. The $1.60 was my total earnings. 29 cents base points.

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