What is the benefit of OhmChoice?

See the link for the overview of OhmChoice https://www.ohmconnect.com/about-us/new-features/ohmchoice

The benefits are not immediately clear. For example as and SDGE customer choosing a rate plan is good for one year. Why would I pay for a monthly service when I am not able to switch the rate plan based on the input from the service?

Benefits of the program from the promo material
A view of your household’s personalized energy footprint

Use an energy monitor (TED, sense, Neuiro, ETC) to monitor instant 5 sec resolution of energy usage and the graphs to view long term hour by hour usage.

Monthly and annual rate plan comparisons, saving you money

who cares after the first month when changes cannot be made till the next year.

How to utilize your home’s smart appliances so you save even more!

With TOU yes with standard tier pricing NOPE.


  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    Hmm... i dont really see the benefits either... when i compare my different plan options using SDG&E's website, my savings would be about $10 a year. Or i guess you could say i might save $0.84 a month on a different plan. That potential savings of 84cents hardly warrants a $5 a month service from ohmchoice...

  • gypsyeyes6gypsyeyes6 Member Posts: 9
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