How is TOU working for you?

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SF--PGE/CleanPower SF says all subscribers will be TOU within the next few months. If you have been TOU, all electric, and solar, how is it affecting you? No smart devices, just manual. Realizing I will have to make changes when TOU kicks in and wondering how others are faring. Is it costing you more in the long run? Also just got electric car but charging very little at home. If you can enlighten the rest of us, please do!


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    Is there an announcement from PG&E or CleanPower SF about this? I opt'ed out of CleanPower SF but I haven't heard about this switch to TOU from PG&E.

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    I contacted Clean Power about EV rates. they told me the change was coming "soon". Then I contacted PGE. This was the reply:
    f you purchased your solar system after 2016 you are already on a TOU rate, as it was required for solar after that time. If not, the TOU transition for all residential customers will phase in around a year from now, but the timeline is not exact. The default rate is still to be finalized, but it will likely have a peak time period of 4 to 9 pm.

    This was Clean Powers reply:
    PG&E manages all rate changes and transitions for customers, which CleanPowerSF then mirrors.

    This November, PG&E has been transitioning all EVA customers to the new EV2 rate. See the attached notice for more information. However, NEM customers, have a 5-year grandfathering period beginning with your Permission to Operate (PTO) or NEM Active Date. NEM EVA customers will be transitioned every November until 2025, at which point all customers should have been transitioned. If you’d like to know more about your anticipated transition date, please reach out to PG&E.

    Both the EVA rate (now closed to new customers) and the EV2 rate are available on our rates PDF along with the Time-of-Use hours.

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