Formula for Calculating Mega Results

I'm having a difficulty understanding how points are actually calculated in a formula. I know it only amounts to a few cents, but I'm after understanding here not money. As far as I can tell, a status level bonus (in my case diamond now) is stated to be 2.5x base points. However in actuality, it's 1.5x base points. My streak bonus - I'm relatively new - is 25%, so base points x .25. Mega points stated to be 3x base points, but really are 2x.

Here's how this worked out last time on 12-10-19 (and all the other mega point hours I have are calculated the same except the one noted last below):

Total points 428 = 90 base points + (90 x 1.5 diamond status bonus = 135) + (90 base points x .25 streak bonus = 23) + (90 base points x 2 mega bonus = 180).

So can anyone explain this calculation on 11-19-19 from my spreadsheet? I've emailed support twice. The first time I received a canned reply of how point calculations are made. The second time I asked again for specific help and have received silence so far. So I'm trying here in the forum. I'm not understanding the calculation below for the Mega bonus - shouldn't it have been 332?

Base points received: 166
No tier/status bonus yet: 0
Streak bonus (20% at that time): 33
Mega bonus (3x - [really 2x]): 296 ??
Total: 495 [shouldn't it be 166 + (166 x .20) + (166 x 2) = 531?]

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