Moving in and drastically increasing baseline

GbcueGbcue Member Posts: 1

I've had OC for a few months at my new place as I'm renovating/moving in. Baseline was low as I had nothing plugged in during renovations. Now I keep losing the OHs because as I move in, more stuff is getting plugged in, so I'm over every time.

Is there a way to reset the baseline? What's the best way to not lose points every OH? Last one I "earned" -3 (negative 3) points.



  • markbmarkb San DiegoMember Posts: 11

    I think your goal is set based on your usage for the last couple of weeks, so it should resolve itself a couple of weeks from now. You should be able to temporarily make yourself unavailable for ohmhours in your settings so you don't lose anymore points.

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