Protecting our streaks and status until stay at home ends?

CraigWCraigW Member Posts: 49

So our Stay at Home effort is quickly laying waste to my Platinum status and threatening my streak. Over time we've replaced most things in our house with energy efficient items. High efficiency HVAC, LED lighting etc. Our AC usage usually fairly light until the heat waves of summer start up.

With stay at home, the EV has been parked. One grocery run every two weeks, using a 1 kwh, doesn't keep streaks going. My recent target was already .75 kwh. I'm not flipping breaker to turn off the refrigerator (which is new and doesn't use much per hour)

So I'm thinking of resetting my hours of availability to one hour per night. Anyone else taking action to protect your streak and status bonuses for summer?


  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I have a 2 hr window from 7-9 PM. I am diamond with 123 streak. I unplug my fridge but it is about 10 years old. Works for me. My forecast is always under or around 1 while my usage is usually 0.01-0.1. I boost up my hour(s) days leading up to event by charging the car--even sitting idle it still has some loss. Or doing other high use electric activities. I have an OH tonite,

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