Aliso Canyon Update

Have you heard about the devastating methane gas leak to the storage facility in Aliso Canyon? We posted an update on our blog today to keep everyone informed. Are you affected? Are you worried about brownouts or rolling blackouts?


  • keithmclaurinkeithmclaurin Member Posts: 1

    I know this is an old post but I just joined today and you need to bump the Aliso Canyon news. Aliso Canyon may be closed and since california loves natural gas to generate electricity this will make it harder to depend on natural gas for reliable electricity generation. There was a mention in your blog about solid fuel and how you don't understand what it means. I think it is electric storage equivalent to a battery for wind and solar and natural gas. How much fuel or battery storage does each generating site contain and in the advent of a disruption of supply how long can the generating plant continue to supply electricity? We all like electricity and when it goes off then where it comes from becomes a lower priority. I'm very pro nuclear and left California in part of the unrealistic attitude toward nuclear.

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