Reminder: #OhmHour Occurrences and Notifications



  • Steve ESteve E Member, Moderator Posts: 329

    Well let's hold off judgement until we see how the folks at Ohm Connect handle this.

  • Bee88Bee88 Member Posts: 6

    Sounds like this happened to a lot of people; notification only 2 minutes before the OhmHour ended. Hopefully no one will lose a streak/points for this one

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404
    edited September 2017

    I sent this email straight to OC Support. I've never heard of getting the notification for an OH when it's almost over!
    Hopefully it's a glitch in the system and I won't lose my streak. This is crazy! EDIT: I see I'm not alone! :smiley:

    i'm currently experiencing life at the speed of 15 WTFs per hour.

  • Kendra FargoKendra Fargo Member Posts: 21

    Same just happened to me. Just came at 7 saying the ohm was from 6-7 the hour prior to the message. None of my outlets automatically went off. I hope they fix this because if Inlose my streak of 21 I am going to be upset.

  • vetidoravetidora Member Posts: 78
    At 7:03 pm I get a notification about my ohm hour from 6-7 wow
  • cyberrbluecyberrblue Humboldt County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 6
    edited September 2017

    That's what I got too, a notification at 6:58 that there was an ohm hour from 6-7. And I just got the text message, no e-mail. AND you can only opt out up to 15 minutes into the ohm hour. I'm so sad, I'm going to lose my streak :-1:

  • Daniel5Daniel5 Santa Rosa, CAMember Posts: 12

    I just got a notification at 6:59pm for an OH.....from 6-7pm. WTF?! Had literally no chance to reduce power

  • rianebichonsrianebichons Member Posts: 1

    I was just notified about my ohm hour tonight at 6:50 for an ohm hour from 6-7. I was not able to opt out so I just participated for 10 minutes. My appliances didn't turn off that should have until 6:50 either. It seems there is a program design flaw. Too bad!

  • SumeshSumesh Member Posts: 1

    Yeah same thing happened to me. Getting the notification at 6.59PM for the 6.00PM-7.00PM OhmHour!

  • abrincefabrincef Member Posts: 1
    I also got a notification at 7 for the hour that just ended! I do hope we aren't penalized points for this one...
  • randybozrandyboz Member Posts: 2

    same as above

  • mistidaymistiday Member Posts: 1

    I don't mind short notice, but I literally just received a notice for one and the hour it was for had just passed. Not happy since I was on a 105% bonus run... Give me two minutes before sure but don't tell me 2 minutes after it ends

  • SCECUSTOMERSCECUSTOMER Oak View, California, USAMember Posts: 52

    @Kendra Fargo said:
    Same just happened to me. Just came at 7 saying the ohm was from 6-7 the hour prior to the message. None of my outlets automatically went off. I hope they fix this because if Inlose my streak of 21 I am going to be upset.

    They can't realistically expect from people to respond that late in the ohmhour.
    maybe up to 3 minutes into the hour MAX (5% of the hour)
    But what was shown/done today really must be a glitch. I agree with earlier suggestion that we wait and see how OC responds to this.

  • jralvarejralvare Fresno, CaliforniaMember Posts: 6

    I just got a notification for an OhmConnect hour today for 6-7 pm pst. But it's already 7:04 when I got the notice. So I didn't get to participate or even get the chance to say that I won't participate. Is my streak going to be affected?

  • dmd617dmd617 Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2017
    I got an email stating ohmhour from 6-7pm at 6:55pm! I'm hoping the times just got mixed up and I don't get docked points since I was not notified prior to it starting.
  • AubreemmAubreemm Lake Elsinore, CA. 92630Member Posts: 22

    My notification didn't come until 6:58! I'm not a mind reader so there's no way I could have participated today. I better not lose my streak over this complete nonsense. They can't expect us to know when to reduce electricity without getting notified beforehand.

  • alisonloalisonlo Member Posts: 1
    I see I'm not the notification after the ohm hour was already over. :( Eager to see how Support plans to handle this. I would hate to lose points over something I had no control over!!
  • Darby GrossDarby Gross Member Posts: 5
    I'm glad I'm not the only one! I got my text at 6:56 and email at 6:58 for the 6-7 Ohmhour.
  • torreyletorreyle Member Posts: 1

    or notify you at 705pm after it already ended like it did to me! when i know I was running my A/C and dishwasher.

  • Lisa FosterLisa Foster Member Posts: 3
    Same problem. I suspect they goofed somewhere - I'm treating it as if it's 7-8pm, just in case that was what they meant.
  • benzo121benzo121 Member Posts: 3
    I didn't get my email and text notifications until 4 minutes after my ohm hour was over.
  • rxz88myarxz88mya Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2017
    I got the same issue!! Mine alert came in at 6:59! Not very happy about this if it messes up my streak
  • Vicki TVicki T Member Posts: 84
    edited September 2017

    My notification came at 6:16...still too late to opt out and I didn't see it until I went to the freezer at 6:47 and it was off. It was the ONLY device that did shut off. The A/C, Fridge and all my lights that are on automation stayed on. I sure hope OC does right by us and does not penalize us for their lack of timely notification and their failure to shut off connected devices...

  • dcluneygdcluneyg Member Posts: 1
    I received an ohm hour notification after the hour was over. This isn't okay. I can't retroactively save power and it sets me up for failure and to lose my streak.
  • adams928adams928 Member Posts: 1
    I just got notified after the hour was over. That's not cool.
  • SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

    I got notified @ 7:06 pm that there was an ohm hour from 6-7 pm. Recieved another notice @7:09 that ohm hour was over. Nothing on my dashboard though showing an OH. Nothing turned off ...

  • AubreemmAubreemm Lake Elsinore, CA. 92630Member Posts: 22

    Whoops, I actually got it at 6:55... A full 5 minutes before it ended.

  • angelin8angelin8 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2017
    I didn't get the notification for an OhmHour that started at 6pm until 7pm. It would be nice to get the notice *before* the event starts so I can unplug things and turn off the lights!
  • je0118neje0118ne Member Posts: 6
    Today I got notification that OHM hour was from 6:00-7:00pm at 7:04pm!!! Then right after the notification I got a text saying OHM hour over!!! So I'm going to loose points because they notified me after the fact!!!
  • VadlerVadler Member Posts: 1
    I have had two occurrences where I was not notified of the ohm hour and tell a few minutes after it was over. This is very frustrating as we are penalized for something we were not aware of happening what I would give for the five minutes before on those two
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