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Known Issue: Data Delay

We are aware that data is talking longer than normal to process for the most recent #OhmHours. We are working on processing this as soon as possible. This message will be updated when data has been processed for most users. Please refer to this notice before writing in to Support!



  • Still waiting on data since 2 Ohm hours ago on October 24th. Any idea when this will be fixed?
  • Thanks for checking in @FundMyCerts. I'll check in with the team about a timeline.

  • Any update I too have not gotten results of usage from Oct 24th
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018
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    SCE still owes us data for many days for the last week of October. We're working with them to get these files!

  • I'm thinking you mean October @Kate from OhmConnect . While they're at it, SDGE is still TBD also.

  • @dstjohn99 good catch :) SDGE should be up and processing soon. We do have the files to process on our end.

  • I"m assuming PG&E customers are affected as well, still showing TBD for the 11/02 hour.

  • Indeed @Kramer - I also have a TBD for that date. Stay tuned! I'll try to get a status update out soon.

  • Jennifer CollinsJennifer Collins Posts: 9
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    I still haven't received my hours/points from last time and we're having a new one tomorrow. I was wondering if it will be there before the new time hour starts? I know it was having trouble with SCE users.
  • @Kate from OhmConnect. All my ohm hours are TBD since 10/12. Will you please let me know when it's fixed since this has been going on an entire month?
  • Same!
  • @Kellie Lopez Your issue sounds unique. Let's take this to a private message through our support channel!

  • Hey @Joy Diaz and @Jennifer Collins - this thread should answer your question.

  • What is the ETA on when we should have info on our hours from October? I don't see any mention of it in this thread.
  • SDGE results came through for 10/24. Yesterday I think, Yay!

  • @dstjohn99 these should start coming in! @Ross Stites which utility do you have?

  • Last points were credited to my account on 10/23/2016. Waiting for more points to be posted. My electricity provider is SoCalEdison

  • Hi @Simon Liu this is the same issue! We are working with SCE to get this updated.

  • Nov. 21st and I have four OhmHours that are TBD, the oldest on Nov. 2nd. My utility provider is SCE. I can see all my daily and hourly data on the SCE website, through Nov. 20th, so the data is out there somewhere.

  • Thanks for letting me know @Bryan Allen. Thanks for checking through SCE-- that's a great place to start. As I described in this post , OhmConnect receives a different format of your data, which is why we may have a delay while you do not.

  • @Bryan Allen I recommend taking screen shots of your dashboard or otherwise keeping track of your TBD event dates, times, forecast and actual usage in case the events have disappeared from your dashboard before the are resolved.

  • @dstjohn99 I'll put up a feature request to display all #Ohmhours. They may "disappear" but we keep track of them all internally, so they are never lost.

  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 712
    It would be great if OhmHour results could be reported beside point history, so that everyone can easily track their OhmHour performance including forecast, actual, points, days, hours and $/kWh to help everyone objectively compare their results during a particular OhmHour against other OhmHours they have participated in or against other users.
  • While we won't give out $/kWh (we don't give this out now), we can certainly look at how to create a CSV for past #OhmHours with the information you are currently given: forecast, actual usage, etc!

  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 712
    Awesome! I think that would make the data geeks like myself very happy! How about you @dstjohn99?
  • @Kate from OhmConnect and @That Son Of A Bitz definitely - report the event results along with date and time of the event. I know it's been discussed before. I also know OC keeps track of history but the TBDs do get overlooked when they get old, and unless the user keeps track and follows up they may not get the points. Events are currently extremely difficult for users to review historically especially since the points for an event don't get recorded on / with the event date nor do users get the forecast / usage unless they write it down from the dashboard or weekly email summary. Even the weekly summary emails exclude the TBDs so there is no email history of them either.

  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 712
    It sounds like it comes down to transparency and accountability and the more OC can do that for its community, the better.
  • Agreed @That Son Of A Bitz - I've filed a ticket for us to look into the best way to incorporate this in our UI.
    The "TBDs" may not show for users, but they do get updated in our internal system, to be clear.

  • dstjohn99dstjohn99 Posts: 372
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    @Kate from OhmConnect to be clear, my TBD from June 11 was ignored and would not ever have been addressed if I hadn't made a big deal about it, complained to sdge, and even then I had to specifically request that date be corrected or it would have been ignored. Thankfully I kept track of my history and continued to pursue the issue with OC over a 5 month period. To be clear.
  • @dstjohn99 Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated. Let's chat about this offline since you've had some particular issues and we've talked about this quite a bit.

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