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Regarding Data Delays- Explanation

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    Hi All:
    Given the number of questions I'm receiving, I wanted to post a lengthier explanation about why data can be delayed.

    When you join OhmConnect, you sign a document that gives our company permission to receive your meter data in a specific format. Your utility (PGE, SCE, SDGE), with this agreement, sends us files containing your meter data daily, if not more frequently. We need all of your meter data in the smallest interval available--whether that's 15 mins, 30 mins, or 1 hour. That's a lot of data to process!

    Think about that for a moment. We're receiving files of our members' usage for as much as 360 different intervals each day, and that's for every user. And there are thousands upon thousands of you.The files are large and often non-uniform.

    Sometimes, the utility companies don't send us the data on time. They may have a delay, or there may be a technical issue preventing them from sending us the data we need, in the format we need. When this happens, we have to reach out to our counterparts to resolve the issue. That's a human relationship.

    It's also possible that OhmConnect experiences an error and we need to reprocess the data.

    Each night, our systems process the data files and update your accounts. If the data is missing or delayed, it can take a few days to catch up.

    Why Do We Need These Special Files?
    OhmConnect is paid by participating directly in the energy markets. We fulfill obligations to provide energy in the form of reductions--reductions that you provide during #OhmHours. In order for us to receive payment, we must prove that you actually reduced by providing your meter data to the California Independent Operating System (CAISO).

    Is This As Complicated As it Sounds?
    In short, yes. OhmConnect is working in unchartered territory. Although Demand Response has existed for businesses, it's brand new for residential customers like yourselves. OhmConnect is part of a pilot program. Therefore, all of these processes -- verifying your account with your utility; receiving and processing your data -- are brand new. It's tricky for the utilities, and it can be tricky for us.

    What's the GOOD news?
    First, Demand Response is an easy and important way to help the grid. When you participate in #OhmHours, you are helping to prevent dirty power plants (peaker plants) from turning on and emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. You're helping our planet, and we think that's a pretty big deal. Also, we're allowing you to earn money in a way that wouldn't otherwise be available to you.

    Finally, although all of these systems are new and a little wobbly right now, we're working towards better solutions. OhmConnect is an active participant in the energy space not just in California, but nationwide. We're championing YOUR cause: we're involved in working groups hoping to make it easier for you to connect with your utility.

    How Can I Help
    I'm glad you asked :) If you notice an issue with your account or with your data, check here first. I try to post notices whenever possible, or at least notify one of our moderators to get the word out. Don't see what you're looking for? Please SEARH the forum first. It's likely someone else has already asked the question. Also, as you know, you can reach out to me through the support channel via chat or email. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

    What else can I do?

    • Champion OhmConnect's cause! Let your friends and family members know what OhmConnect is doing, and why #OhmHours are important.
    • Educate yourself! We have blog posts nearly every week, mostly focusing on product updates. We've also got this robust community of users. Talk to each about what your #OhmHours. What do you do to pass the time? How have you earned that 1kWh reduction? How do you convince household members to go along?

    I hope this is a start to answering some questions. I want to provide answers where I can. I want you all to be happy. I know that for me, background on situations can help frame the situation.

    Finally, remember that we're all humans over here. We're a small team-- 15 people. OhmConnect is still new and we're still adjusting. And we're working in a brand new industry. So, as valued members: if you give us the chance to work with us, we're more than willing to work with you to make this a great experience for everyone.

  • Thank you ;)
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    My pleasure, @shannamerrill@hotmail.com. Did this explanation help you?

  • Has there been any updates with the data delays because now we're going to go on the 4th week with TBA, well after today it will be
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    Thanks for checking @Jennifer Collins! Some years have had data come in, but by and large we are still missing dates from 10/20 for #OhmHours. We have received earlier files, but if we have too many data holes, we can't calculate a baseline and award points. We have been in tough with SCE and are working to get these updated. We want that data as much as you!

  • Thanks for the update!
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    Haven't gotten any points since oct
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    @karinabarragan89@yahoo.com I suggest you reach out to OC directly through their email/chat support channels. At this point, it may be an issue that's unique to you and your account.

    Anyone else still showing TBD's for OhmHours going back to October?
  • My hours have not been updated since November 2nd. :(

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    Hi All-
    We are continuing to experience issues with SCE regarding data transmission necessary both for OhmConnect to settle in the marketplace and to award your points. Please stay tuned for a message from us about action we'd like you to take to help us prod SCE into sending us this data!

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