I didn't opt into an OHM hour, but was still deducted points for usage during that time.

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What's the point of the opt-in feature? Also, what happens when I have negative points?

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    @Belle That's a good tip about not using your email addy as your username. I'd like to assume that everyone has good intentions here, but you never know. Thanks for looking out for other users!

    In regards to the button that says "Opt-In", I agree it can be very confusing to new users (even some veteran users). This was actually a topic of a thread back in August (https://forum.ohmconnect.com/discussion/comment/1391#Comment_1391).

    So I'm glad you brought this up again.

    @Kate from OhmConnect Since this appears to be an on-going issue, any chance this can be addressed sooner than later based on suggestions brought up in the previous thread? From reading other comments thru-out the forums, this seems like it may be the root cause for confusion around opting out and in of OhmHours. Since it would just be a change with wording on the button, it appears to me to be an easy fix that could just be followed up with a comment in the forums for clarification.

    @dstjohn99 What do you think?
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    I agree. The "confirm participation" is an ongoing source of confusion. It has been discussed many times and changes were recommended many times in the past. It's good to keep mentioning it.

  • Thanks for your thoughts, all. We are looking at changing the wording but to avoid confusion, but we will not change the opt-out feature. Our participation rates are highest when users are automatically opted in, and this is best user practice. Our intention is certainly not to confuse or anger anyone, but since the market assumes that all users will participate, this helps. We know that not all users can participate, so we allow you to opt out, even if we take a hit financially.

    Second, regarding devices: Right now, behavior is that your devices will turn off doing #OhmHours, even if you opt out, or even if you've changed your hours on the slider. We're going to add some messaging/options on the Settings page so that you can choose whether you want to have "silent" #OhmHours. This was initially a feature request: users wanted to be able to participate automatically, without even receiving notices.

  • LightsOutLightsOut Member Posts: 4
    Thanks all. I didn't select my email as my username, but was logging in through Facebook so maybe it generated it? Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I changed it
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    I opted out one day last week (week of January 9th) but now my points balance is in the negative. I didn't earn any points and was not "charged" either.
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    @kberryman12 Please contact OC support directly.
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    > @That Son Of A Bitz said:
    > @[email protected].com It's actually an opt-out feature. You're automatically opted-in to participate in an OhmHour unless you opt-out. And you'd want to opt-out if there were circumstances that wouldn't allow you to reduce your energy use such as not being home or when you have to keep the stove & oven on to make Thanksgiving dinner

    Ok.. now I'm confused!
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    How so?
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