How can I contact the OhmConnect Support team?

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Hi. I keep trying to find a way to contact OHM. My account has a problem, something like "must disenroll from a conflicting program" came up and I don't see any conflicting programs online. I need someone to walk me through it. Does anyone have a telephone number so that I can talk to OHM direct and find out what needs to be disenrolled and why? The OHM account is in my name and the SDGE account is in my husband's so I'm hoping that is all it is. Thanks, Tam


  • Hi @drts - we do all of our support through this community, email ([email protected]) or through our chat support service.

    I will reach out to you to assist.

    How can I have gone over my expected usage when nobody was even home!???! Ridiculous!! I'm about to leave this program and recommend the same to everyone I know.
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    @COGLEY, NICOLE I'm sorry to hear you went over the forecast use. It's hard to offer help without details but lot's of things use energy when you are away like your refrigerator or maybe an electric water heater, cable boxes, etc. Even my toaster uses 8 watts just being plugged in, my cable box / dvd player use 60 watts when they are off! It's actually more difficult to reduce when you are not home, especially if you have a low baseline to start with. That's where a couple of smart switches that can be triggered automatically will help.

    OhmConnect does not have any control over your average and your actual use for an event. Though it is always possible there is an error with your data. You may want to compare your electric meter usage for that time with OC reported actual use to check for mistakes.

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    I'd like to buy a smart thermostat and use the 1/2 off coupon as well as the gift card but it will not take two coupon codes. I've tried emailing but it keeps getting bounced back.

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    Hi @hmaquet. I noticed the same thing, and I'm guessing this is by design. By rounding up gift card values and offering discounts on smart products--in other words, incentivizing you to buy energy-saving devices--OhmConnect is betting that they'll make money in the long run given the cut they get of your energy savings. If you're already going to get the smart thermostat free based on the CEC program and rebate, then by allowing you to use the gift card OhmConnect would be paying you for nothing.

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    I received an email from OHMconnect, stating that I can redeem a free smart plug. So I followed he link and paid half up front and they send once you connect your plug to ohmconnect, which I did, they would pay the other half. I have reached out to OHMconnect, and the response I get are unacceptable. just links to pages that gives me no information. I would like to know, and see proof that I am getting my rebate for the smart plug.

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    I’ve been waiting for over three weeks for help and had one person who answered gave me a BS response and hasn’t replied back in over a week. The support sucks. I had another individual reach out but after the reply to his question still nothing. There needs to be a phone number where someone would actually be there to help instead of people replying once and never again. Horrible Horrible Horrible Support.
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    I've reached out to the CEO, I agree that the level of Support here is unacceptable for a modern company

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    My status dropped from gold to carbon. I have sent support emails but no one is responding. Just hope this does not take me out of the running for the mega 100K since I already got my 3 megas in. fingers crossed for tonite....did anyone else notice the discrepancy on their site for the days and times for tonites draw--one says 5 PM, one 8 PM, one says Sunday and one says Wed. Email from yesterday seems to favor Wed 8 PM...

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    when I checked in a few minutes ago I was carbon. then after I wrote this and looked on the main page, my gold was returned. Message from support was to check my utility. So now I should be up to date...

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    Either the chat session software is broken or support people are ignoring chat messages.My messages continue to show "Not seen yet" for days ... while the support person shows "Active".

    Anyone from Ohmconnect care to comment or clarify what's going on here?

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    @Anh, OhmConnect Can you comment on the response times users are experiencing for the chat feature?

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    @[email protected] you able to see these messages?!? You don't appear to see the chat session messages. Or emails come to that.

  • richards-jeffrichards-jeff Member Posts: 3

    Guess not.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I finally got a reply, took a few days. Persistence....

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    @[email protected]

    I'll just warn you up front: I am pissed off and this is not going to be pleasant.

    I generally miss the conservation goals. No big deal, I'll just cancel because I'm not getting anywhere, right?

    So I did cancel.

    You continued to email me.

    You continued to text me.

    I sent a message to support several days ago.

    No reply, no action, although I did use my phone to opt out of text messages and that seems to have worked.

    But the emails continue, and more importantly, it looks like you're still pulling my usage data from Southern California Edison.

    So here's the deal. I am explicitly revoking my authorization for you to contact me anywhere other than this forum (emails auto-generated by followups in the forum are ok though)

    I am explicitly revoking my authorization for you to dip into my Edison account to pull usage data.

    It is June 25, 2019 at about 8 am. I am giving you 48 hours to actually cancel my account and stop pulling my data from Edison.

    Do NOT make me escalate.

  • Steve SobolSteve Sobol Member Posts: 2

    Tagging @Kate from OhmConnect as well

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @Steve Sobol

    Can't you revoke the sharing of your data on the SCE site?
    Tag the email as spam and you're done.

    I get that you shouldn't have to do that but that might help lower your blood pressure!

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    Ive emailed ohm several times. I can not cash out until i sign a w9. When i enter my name and email and hit the sign button it takes me to a blank page or says error making it unable to cash out!!ive tried several times and on my computer and phone and still nothing. I hate their customer service and that there is no telephone number to call.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @samklee is standing by to help :)

  • Bree TrevinoBree Trevino Member Posts: 1
    @rachamanbahr I am having the same issue. It says it takes up to 48 hours to process, and I did not get a response when I emailed support today. Not acceptable.
  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    A few days ago I contacted them and the box said "we usually respond in ONE HOUR". They did respond quicker than I have been experienceing....

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