Plugged in appliances

rosannacrosannac Member Posts: 1

Does plugged in items, that are not being used still waste energy?


  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    Yes. It's sometimes referred to as vampire load. Think alarm clocks or anything else with a clock i.e. Microwave, Stove Top, etc. Even those these appliances may be off, energy is still needed to power the clocks and keep time.
  • teja235gteja235g Easy Bay, CAMember Posts: 12
    But more important than those are your refrigerators lol I didn’t think of that until recently but I realized after putting energy monitor smart plugs on them that they’re the single biggest user in my house, and I have 2 of them! I don’t unplug my microwave or oven because resetting the time is irritating, but I’m still well over 50% reductions. ;)
  • I never thought of putting the refrigerator on a smart plug. Thanks for stating that. I do not like to reset my clocks either. However I’m willing to do what I can to decrease power. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to buy a smart plug. Hoping I can earn enough points to get one soon! And then earn for the nest, etc.
  • lot of us are retired or just low income but the plugs are so expensive for someone on a very low income who is trying to save money on the energy bill.

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