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How Many Of Your Referrals Completed Sign-Up Process? And How Are You Getting Your Referrals?

That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
I've gotten 19, but I'm having a tough time recruiting anymore folks. I think the key reasons why my referrals joined is because I reached out to friends and family directly (by phone and/or in-person) and they wanted to join our donation team to support the cause we're contributing the money we raise thru energy savings - The March of Dimes (helps to prevent premature birth, infant mortality and birth defects). And in some cases, I walked them thru the sign-up process in-person thru their computer or phone.

How many folks are people getting to not only sign up, but to also complete their paperwork and get approval from their utility? In other words, how many people are you referring that get to the Silver level?

Also, anyone seeing any significant success by trying to recruit thru Facebook? How about thru Twitter and/or NextDoor? Anyone discover any creative avenues/ways to successfully recruit others?

Don't be shy! Share your secrets! And Mr. Ohm will be so happy you did, that he give you a virtual high five! =)


  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member
    @That Son Of A Bitz Geez, that's great, 19! All my pals/family must be lazy arse'es or just plain skeptical...
    I haven't had any luck with the ONE referral that is actually showing up, even after several non-obtrusive "Here to help" & "So excited"... they still haven't completed Registration
    I'm not straight on the inner workings of how a Team collects yet but your Donate cause is CAUSE enough (there I go, 'assuming' again. We all know what happens when we AssUMe)
    I wish you luck in your efforts, if I wasn't so budgeted and I had no grandbaby I would join your team♡

    Lola of
    Lola & Mase
  • Leahperez12Leahperez12 Madera CaPosts: 9Member
    None of them go threw i havent been paid $75 for any of them
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    Here's a link to a thread where @Steve Reed, captain of one of OC's largest teams, explains how he got his referrals.

    @Steve Reed Any other tips you can share about getting more referrals and how you go about encouraging your referrals to complete enrollment and maximize savings, so both you and your referral have a higher likelihood of getting the entire $75 referral incentive?

    @Leahperez12 Remember, you don't just get $75 when your referral signs up and completes enrollment - that will only get them to the silver level and the both of you $5. To get the remaining $70, your referral needs be consistent about saving energy during OhmHours and really make the best effort they can to save the most - just to get to the next level (gold) and earn an additional $20, your referral will need to save at least 1kWh during an OH.

    Gone are the days of easy money when a referral signed up just to get the $20 without any true intent to participate in OC's program and then cash out.

    You and your referral now need to put more effort to getting that $75 incentive. The way it should have been in the 1st place.
  • Leahperez12Leahperez12 Madera CaPosts: 9Member
    Ohh ok thanks so mych
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    Keep asking questions! There are a lot of users other than the admins and mods that are happy to help, so we can all learn how to save more energy and make more money together.
  • Steve ReedSteve Reed Posts: 26Member
    edited February 18

    I talked to one of my coworker referrals just yesterday (he brought up Ohmconnect, since he heard me talking in the Ohmconnect story on the KPBS radio :) ).

    He said he had not yet finished the utility sign up portion. When I asked why not, he said he did not know why, he just never got around to it. So sometimes it's just about gently reminding them to finish.

    I also asked him if he had a Nest Thermostat yet, and he said they just put one in, some hopefully he'll finish the sign up now.

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