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Introducing #OhmHours across California!

Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator

Hi All
We're announcing today #OhmHours for everyone...well, almost everyone :)

Can I receive #OhmHours without connecting my utility?

This is by far the most common question we’ve received over the past three years. We’re excited to announce that everybody can receive #OhmHours starting next week!

Starting next week, new OhmConnect members only need to provide their zip code and email address to create a basic Bronze account and start receiving #OhmHours.

Instead of earning points, members of this new Bronze program can win prizes for participating in #OhmHours. Bronze program members can also earn points by referring others to OhmConnect. Referrals for users who reach a Platinum status are worth $75!

Invite your friends across the state to join OhmConnect today! They can now win prizes and help the grid as a Bronze member.

Here’s some more detail on how the new program works:

Simplified Sign Up

Signing up for the new OhmConnect Bronze program is a breeze. All you need to do is:

  • Enter in your zip code
  • Create a basic account (email and password)

How #OhmHours for New Bronze Users Works
Just like our Silver, Gold, and Platinum community members, users in this new program will receive #OhmHours through email, text message, or push notification.

The one difference is that we ask our Bronze members to report what they did to save energy after receiving the #OhmHour notification. These users have to self report what they did because we don’t have smart meter data for them.

How rewards work

Instead of receiving points, Bronze members will receive prizes, ranging from discounts on our store, to having their energy bills paid for a year — even a 3-year Tesla Model S lease for participating in #OhmHours.

Every time Bronze users report that they’ve saved energy, they will earn a ‘spin of the wheel.’ Each spin offers the chance to be randomly awarded OhmConnect collectibles. As part of the Bronze program, when you collect all the collectibles in a set, you win the prize associated with that set! In the example below, collect all three items in order to redeem the Store Discount!

Let us know what types of prizes you think would be fun for new users! We’d love to update these frequently based on user requests.

How Does This Affect Current Bronze Members?

As of today, this revamped Bronze program is only available to new users, but we’ll be rolling it out to our entire community soon.

If you’re an existing member with a Bronze status level, you will be rolled into this new program on January 26th. If you wish to earn points for #OhmHours, or if you want to cash out any points you currently have on balance, you must attain a ‘Silver’ status or higher before January 26th.

If you are unable to attain Silver status before January 26th, your points will expire as you are transitioned into the new program. If you achieve Silver status before January 26th, 2018, your legacy points will be reinstated upon request.

Share Your Feedback

Let us know what you think about #OhmHours for Bronze users and how to spread them across California and the rest of the nation!


  • My brother in law and daughter both have DWP and used my link to sign up, they were told you did not except these utilities, so now they are in limbo on my referral screen, how can they join this new program and I still receive my referral points?

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator
    edited January 9

    Hi @rob69572000@yahoo.com - so glad you referred your in-laws! Let me look into this case to see why that happened! They should be prompted to enter their zip code, and then click "I don't see my utility" when prompted. Can you ask if this is the process they followed?

    Please keep in mind tat if you refer user to our BRONZE program, they can sign up, but you won't earn referral points for Bronze. You only earn referral points for Silver +.

  •  DerekCasari DerekCasari Posts: 4Member

    Hi Kate, Ok, clarification on your answer to rob, above. Re: "Bronze program members can also earn points by referring others to OhmConnect." Your response: "Please keep in mind tat if you refer user to our BRONZE program, they can sign up, but you won't earn referral points for Bronze. You only earn referral points for Silver +." Maybe this was explained above, for the N00bs, can you elaborate further? Does that mean YOU [referrer] have to be Silver or higher and then anyone who signs up, presumably at the Bronze [entry] level, will earn referral points? Also, what's it going to take to get LADWP on board? Also, why isn't the Volt an option for Electric Vehicle? It is an [E-REV] Extended Range Electric Vehicle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Range_extender_(vehicle)

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator

    Hi @DerekCasari - thanks for joining!

    You will only earn referral points for users that reach a status of Silver or higher.

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 863Moderator
    @derekcasari I asked the same question about the Volt a long time ago when I owned one and the reason it cannot be automated is because Chevy won't open up their systems to allow OC to connect to them and control charging during OhmHours.
  • This is extremely frustrating. I have no points and cant get to the next level because all my usage is tbd. I worked my butt off just to jump thru hoops to get my account going and refer people. My referral is higher than me now... :-(
  • I have not received any points for over a month now and if they dont update in the next two days i just lose my points? I participate in each and every ohm hour sigh

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 863Moderator
    @wejustjazzy@gmail.com. Thanks for all of your efforts to reduce energy during OhmHours! It's got to be disappointing to work so hard and not know how you did.

    Who is your electric provider? If SCE, OC is encountering issues with SCE providing them the Smartmeter data they need to determine your performance and award you points.

    My guess is that your referral is with another utility, but if they are with SCE as well, then you've got me on why they're getting points and you're not.

    If you don't have SCE, I recommend that you contact OC support directly.
  • We both have SCE

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 863Moderator
    Ahh...I think that's the root of the problem. I'm just not sure why it seems to affect you, but not your referral.

    @Kate from OhmConnect Can you shed some light on why the data issue with SCE may only be affecting some users, but not others as well as where things are with resolving this issue?
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator
    edited January 26

    Hi All!

    We've found one issue that seems to be affecting SOME users. After a lot of investigation, we've noticed that we have the wrong authorization token an wrong address from SCE sending us information. If that's affecting you, we aren't getting your data.

    Another issue is that SCE is behind in sending us files from December and October for many users, but not all. We're working with the CPUC (governing body) and SCE to work out a solution to this, since they are in violation when not sending us meter data.

    If you're in a situation with SCE where you've been waiting a long time, here's how you can help me look into this issue.

    1. From SCE.com, navigate to the 'Data Sharing' tab
    2. From this page, you should see Authorized Accounts. Click "details" beneath the authorization. Please note which address/service account has been authorized.
    3. ​ Note the authorization ID listed at the top

    If the address authorized is wrong, that's the key to the problem! You'll want to return to OhmConnect and update your address on file. If it looks correct, but you're still having an issue, ping me the authorization ID using the support email link at the top (or the chat functionality that appears on other pages).

    **How to update your address with OhmConnect*
    1. From your Settings page, click "Edit" next to your utility account
    2. Click the reload button. This pulls NEW/Updated information into OhmConnect's system.
    3. Select the correct address.
    4. Click Save

    You SHOULD be prompted to "finish setup" -- a button on the top nav bar. If you are NOT prompted to do this, let me know :)

  • Ahhhh i see now. I was in fact not sharing my data with OHM! I have fixed it on my end. I hope my points update before i lose them. Thank you :-)

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator

    @wejustjazzy@gmail.com fantastic! I'm not sure why this didn't occur, but it sounds like the root of the problem. Please check on this and if you still don't see anything, check back with me through the chat (not here!) in a week.

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