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OK... So how exactly do you achieve platinum status

Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator

I was awarded platinum status and then it was taken away from me in the supposed snafu over the weekend.

I had at the time payouts stopped working supposedly achieved platinum status. Downloading my point history I verified that out of the last 10 Ohm Hours I had 9 that were positive and one that was negative. So as far as I understand that makes the 9 / 10 requirement for platinum.

When the cash outs had been restored there were now 3 new line items above my previous last entry which was the award of 5000 points for reaching Tier Level.

The next three entries were

-42 points for Demand response (dropping me to 8 / 10) for my last 10 ohm hours
119 points for Demand response (remaining at 8 / 10) for my last 10 ohm hours
-5000 points for Tier levels (Dropped back to gold).

Prior to these new entries - I was at 9 / 10 positive ohm hours for the last 10 and had just been awarded Platinum

And I was showing platinum when I tried to cash out and was not able to.

When the ability was restored - the three new line items had dropped my status back down to gold.

I did ask this question when my original email was replied to and have not received an answer to my query about this. At the time I tried to cash out I was as far as I can tell I had correct platinum status. Only after the added data was my criteria below the threshold of 9 / 10 and now at 8 / 10 for the last 10 Ohm hours.

If I have a positive result from the last as yet unreported ohm hour do I get reassigned as Platinum and the 5000 award re-instated or does some other magic happen again? I am very curious about this


  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 967Administrator

    Thanks for your question, @KarenE. To earn platinum, you must satisfy the requirements for Gold, and save during 9/10 of your last #OhmHours.

    To summarize, in order to attain Platinum, you need:

    • To have reduced 1kWh during the last 90 days (satisfies Gold)
    • Saved during 90% of your last #OhmHours. This is defined as 9/10 of your last events.
  • Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator
    edited January 10

    @Kate from OhmConnect

    And as I indicated I had indeed done this as shown by the data on the downloaded points

    Here is the data with me marking the demand responses as + / -

    Out of the last 10 - 9 were positive - is this not how to achieve platinum status - or am I missing something here. Is the award from for reaching Tier levels incorrect here somehow?

    2017-01-06 Rewards For Reaching Tier Levels 5000
    2016-12-30 Rewards For Demand Response 135 1 / 0
    2016-12-29 Rewards For Demand Response 90 2 / 0
    2016-12-28 Rewards For Demand Response 204 3 / 0
    2016-12-21 Rewards For Demand Response 83 4 / 0
    2016-12-20 Rewards For Cash -3037
    2016-12-20 Rewards For Facebook Invites 500
    2016-12-20 Rewards For Demand Response 21 5 / 0
    2016-12-15 Rewards For Demand Response 350 6 / 0
    2016-12-15 Rewards For Reaching Tier Levels 2000
    2016-12-13 Rewards For Demand Response 166 7 / 0
    2016-11-23 Rewards For Demand Response -89 7 / 1
    2016-11-22 Rewards For Demand Response 15 8 / 1
    2016-11-15 Rewards For Demand Response 18 9 / 1>

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    @Kate from OhmConnect and @KarenE Since this may pertain to only Karen E, this maybe something that's better to take offline thru DM, chat or email feature.

    But I would be interested to see how this was resolved and what the final outcome if Karen is willing to share.

    @Karen As you can probably imagine, Kate and her team probably have quite a bit to clean up due to the bug, so I don't know that it is realistic to expect an immediate response since Kate is probably working thru a lot of issues with other users.

    So I would say be patient and I'm sure Kate will get back to you as soon as she can. And I doubt the outcome will change based on if she gets back to you now vs. later.
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 967Administrator

    Thanks @That Son Of A Bitz. I have emailed you offline to show what our records hold.

  • Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator
    edited January 10

    I just uploaded my data as an attachment to the chat option on the main OhmConnect page

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 967Administrator

    Thanks Karen!

  • Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator


    I have received a satisfactory answer to my question and @Kate from OhmConnect was extremely helpful.

    To receive platinum you must have positive points in 9 out of your last 10 OhmHours.

    Non-participation in an OhmHour results in a 0 point award and counts as a negative towards the total.

    The downloaded data does not include 0 point (non-participation) events

    They are now aware of these anomalies that can make the data to the users like us seem incorrect and not match what may be available to us.

    So in my case there was a non-participation event that was not visible on my dashboard or in the downloaded data that resulted in my data not actually attaining the 9 / 10 requirement.

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    @KarenE Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Kate (I've always found her to be extremely helpful), how the issue was resolved and what you learned. This is something that's definitely worth sharing on the forums because it's relevant to other users.

    So even if you saved energy on 9 out of 10 events, if it does down to 8, you're automatically dropped from Platinum to gold?
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 967Administrator

    Thanks for sharing your follow-up here, @KarenE. I know it was a lot to work through, but I think we got to the bottom of it!

    @That Son Of A Bitz - yes, you need to have saved in 9/10 of the past, consecutive events. If you opt out of an event or earn 0 points, that's considered one miss. It is rolling, so as soon as you get down to 8, you will have a Gold status.

  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    Yikes! That seems like it can make it really difficult for people who reach platinum to stay at that level.

    So for referrals who hit platinum, do they need to stay at that level for a certain amount of time or number of OhmHours in order for them and the person who referred them to get the $50 incentive?

    Or once the referral hits 9 out of 10 OhmHours of saving energy and the platinum level, will they and the person that referred them get the $50 incentive even if they opt-out or use more energy during the next OhmHour, which brings them down to only saving on only 8 out of the 10 OhmHours and the Gold level?
  • SummerSummer Posts: 113Member
    My i downloaded tgat day to show how many people had signed uo through me maybe not all completely was well over 2000 peooke then later it changed too was 94 or something How can this be
  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    @summer wow! Over 2,000 people signed up thru you?!?! I'm having a lot of trouble just getting to 20. How did you do that? Do you have a huge social media following? i.e. Due to posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Are you a blogger?

    I'm amazed by people like you who are able to recruit so many people. So I'm really hoping you can give me and the rest of the OC community some pointers.
  • rainy schrickerrainy schricker Posts: 39Member
    I still have tbd from December 19th any idea when this will be resolved? I also was at a Gold status and now I'm back down to bronze can you please explain why?
  • SummerSummer Posts: 113Member
    No but on the print out i looked at thats what it said I dont think that many did imejust wondering why it said that
  • SummerSummer Posts: 113Member
    I am amazed on how the system seems to keep messing up on everyone and how many people have missing points missing hours ect. I'm just trying to understand it. Especially when i go to cash out says $150 won't let me hour later says $109 then 2 mins later sats $9 . Also had 94 peoples to finish setting up now 74 There is to many things that dont match up
  • SummerSummer Posts: 113Member
    Dont know but now I'm on platinum got my $50 but had it few days ago with $159 Then gets taken because it was wrong .
  • Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator

    OK... I just received my platinum status and I understand how it works and will try to explain it clearly here...

    On your dashboard only data is shown for a certain period of time - so you may not be able to view all relevant data there.

    On the download option on events that have a point value are shown (be that positive or negative)‚ events that have a 0 point value are not currently shown in the downloaded data.

    To qualify for platinum status you must have been positive in 9 out of the last 10 OhmHours. Non-participation in an OhmHour will result in 0 points which will not show in the downloaded data. However in calculating platinum status‚ opting out of an OhmHour will result as a count against you. So the real calculation is you cannot have more than 2 opt outs OR negative points OhmHours in your last 10.

    When my platinum status was originally given in the recent error and then revoked‚ it was due to non-participation events. I calculated this into my calculations and determined I was then at a count of 8 / 10 positive events in the last 10 and one more positive would attain platinum status.

    My last 2 ohmHours were positive and I have now been awarded platinum status‚ the 5000 bonus points and been able to cash out the award.

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