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Reduced Points?

Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member
I was by candlelight AND...made my visiting girlfriend Hotpot onto my cell for WiFi! All plug-in''s unplugged, all lights off, began 8 minutes ahead of time, didn't turn anything on during Ohm hour...
So how is it I reduced ?

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  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member
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    @That Son Of A Bitz
    A TON of greathe info, tnx! I couldn't figure out if my 15 watt smartplug would be better use on my refrigerator or my entertainment center so I just yank the plug to my fridge LOL. As I sit here in the dark after reading your response I'm going to log on to my hotspot-ed mac (via cell) and check out my SCE real-time usage. Yay me
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    Accepted Answer
    Yes. You need to purchase a device to get real time data. Otherwise, the data you and OC get from SCE (and PGE & SDGE) is always 1-2 days behind, which is okay for calculating your performance and awarding you points after an OhmHour, but too late to provide you the feedback you need to maximize your performance during an OhmHour and help you get below your baseline, save more energy & earn more points.


  • I just lost all my points from Monday. This has happened to me before. I do not understand what is going on. I have my heat off, lights off. Laptops unplugged. No one is even home. Why is it some times I save under the same circumstances and other times it shows me using a crap load of energy?!?!
    Something is not right!!!!

  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    Hi @Roxanne Winters Ramirez Good question.

    Do you usually keep your heat and lights on during the same time the OH was called (or least for the previous 10 days)?

    Keep in mind that your points are related to the amount of energy you actually use compared to your forecast. If an OH occurs during a time you don't typically use a lot of energy - a time when your heat and lights are already off - you won't earn any any points because even though you're not using a lot of energy, you're not using less energy than normal and therefore there is no energy reduction for you to be awarded points for.
  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member

    @That Son Of A Bitz
    I think if I knew where to find my 'forecast' I might stand a better chance of reducing. Please direct me...?!
    Also...IS THERE A HEADS UP OF UPCOMING OH'S (other than day before/15 mins. before)?
    @Roxanne Winters Ramirez I just purchased a Smart Plug....Seems to have made a difference! I have applied it to my entertainment center (4 plugged into power strip, power strip plugged into Smart Plug= 60" Plasma TV; SONY Blu Ray DVD; CABLE BOX & RECEIVER/TUNER)...Going to get one for my fridge. I love it! You can use the Kasa app to TURN OFF/ON manually outside of OH's even.

  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member

    @Kate from OhmConnect @That Son Of A Bitz Okay, well :D I guess it's time for new glasses...finally found BOTH OPT-OUT & FORECAST items... I have to say the opt out is nearly transparent
    The forecast is in my email.... :p

  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    @Lola & Mase Let me know what you think. And I'm happy to answer any questions you have about it in terms of what I know for PG&E.
  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member
    @That Son Of A Bitz I have SCE....only shows hourly for the baby for not real time unless that's what you meant by real time?

    Or am I to understand that there's a device I can purchase two access real time?
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