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New Bronze #OhmHours

Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator
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As we announced, we've rolled out #OhmHours across California. This allows anyone with a zip code and a heartbeat (JK...an email address) to participate in #OhmHours. As of 1/26, all users with a status of Bronze will receive Bronze #OhmHours. Instead of earning points, you'll earn SPINS for a chance to win prizes.

If you'd like a reminder about our new Bronze program, check that out here.

Since Bronze users don't earn points, they can't LOSE points either. So, to participate, you've go to Tell Us How You're Saving.

For ALL Bronze Users
To participate in your #OhmHours, click the link and tell us how you're saving:

A few notes about Bronze #OhmHours

  • Anyone with a status of Bronze will receive these new #OhmHours
  • No POINTS are awarded for Bronze #OhmHours. Instead, you have the chance to win spins
  • If you want to participate you MUST tell us how you're saving (see screenshot above) and click "I'm Saving Energy."


  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 863Moderator
    @Kate from OhmConnect What's to keep someone from telling you they're saving, so they can get spins to potentially win a prize, when in fact, they're not? It would be such a bummer if the person who won the Tesla Model 3 lease lied about actually saving energy.
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,018Administrator

    Good question @That Son Of A Bitz. It's an honor system, to be honest. Since we don't have actual measurements, we're depending on you to actually save.

  • So, how do I get point for our weekend house "a 40 foot sailboat" that is 98% off the grid?
    While I do pull ac power 98% of its power comes from the sun and wind. I only pull a small ammout of power. A boat that rus ac all the time to keep the humidity underived control. We are there a lot of the time but my monthly power bill is $9.
  • Kayla2424Kayla2424 Santa Rosa Posts: 1Member
    Can you win cash or cash out prizes for spins? My status is carbon and I was able to cash out my points for money. That's how'd I'd like it to be.
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