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Hi. So I was still at work on January 19th at 6pm but under my points for that day it says 0. I don't understand why I wouldn't have earned anything! I wasn't home, no electricity was being used. I should've scored a number of points for that hour.


  • I just lost all my points from Monday. This has happened to me before. I do not understand what is going on. I have my heat off, lights off. Laptops unplugged. No one is home. Why is it some times I save under the same circumstances and other times it shows me using a crap load of energy?!?!
    Something is not right!!!!

  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    @[email protected].com Do you usually not work that late? If you're usually home during that time cooking dinner, watching TV, etc, then you're right, your usage during the OH should have been less than forecasted (average of previous 10 days week days). But if you usually work that late, so your electricity use is typically near zero, then your use during the OH more than likely would have been about the same.

    Remember, points are not based on how little energy you use as an absolute value (i.e. getting 50 points for only using 0.20 kWh of energy and then getting more, say 100 points for using even less energy, say only 0.10 kWh). Instead, the amount of points you get is base on how much you save - how much lower your use is during an OH than your forecast - and the price of electricity at that time. OC only gets paid based on how much you save (difference between actual use during an OhmHour and your forecast).
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