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Negative points

I've been "earning" negative points. Even for events I haven't confirmed participation in. This just isn't worth my time to click on the confirmation links if I'm only going to have points taken away for the times I know I shouldn't participate.


  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    @am_georgeson I think you've got things backwards. By default, you will participate in every OH unless you click on the confirmation link to opt-out, which you must do for every OH.
  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member
    Now I really am confused (easily achieved), I only have links sent to me to confirm participation. The only reason why it wouldn't confirm participation is if I'm not home.

    So if you're automatically confirmed for every own our have I been opting out every time I click to confirm? Please clarify
  • wedwithbabieswedwithbabies Posts: 2Member
    It is incredibly frustrating! There needs to be a more direct approach to this versus - 'Well you are automatically participating UNLESS you opt out!' Pretty sure every time I get my text it's prompting me to confirm my participation by clicking on the link provided. If I didn't need to 'confirm' and was automatically participating why not state that from the beginning!?

    I'm in the same boat with OHM events always running when the kids are home! I'm so far in the negative now I'm not sure it's even worth trying to climb my way out of it...
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 479Moderator
    @am_georgeson, @Lola & Mase & @wedwithbabies I agree - it's incredibly confusing how the OH alerts give you the impression you need to click on the link in them to participate. And if you don't, then you won't be participating. It absolutely needs to be more transparent that unless you click on it, you'll automatically participate and that you need to click on it to opt-out.

    @Kate from OhmConnect Any progress working with your team to address this issue? So many users have expressed frustration with this for at least the last 6-8 months, but it seems like nothing is being done to address it.
  • Lola & MaseLola & Mase Posts: 13Member

    I STILL can't seem to find the "OPT-OUT" option =/

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