how to sign up someone who really doesnt use internet to use my link

I have a potential person wanting to sign up but cant do too not using internet much how can I sign them up


  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    If your referral doesn't intend to connect it to their utility, then all you need to do is set up an account with a username, password and ZIP code and then provide this person the username and password you set up for them. You may also want to set up text and email notifications, but that won't be useful unless they're willing to click on the link to go to OC's website and report what they did to save during the OhmHour.
  • ok how will I receive the credit though for it

  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    At this point, you don't get credit (points that you can redeem for cash) for anyone you refer that doesn't connect their utility account to their OC account because OC doesn't make any money on those type of users, which they would use to pay a referral incentive to both you and your referral.

    But it wouldn't be a bad idea to give users some sort of incentive for these referrals, such as extra spins to win prizes.

    @Kate from OhmConnect unless I missed it, I don't think there are any incentives for referring bronze users that don't connect their utility. Any chance OC is considering any type of incentive for referring users you can't monetize i.e. Spins of the wheel to win prizes?
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