Difficulty as a solar user

drtsdrts Bonita, CAMember Posts: 13
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  • drtsdrts Bonita, CAMember Posts: 13

    Biggest factor in my last failure on OHM hours: You predicted the sun would be shining on my solar and predicted I would use NEGATIVE energy (-1.754). In fact, it was raining and I still managed to get NEGATIVE -0.825. Solar owners can't win if you predict the sun will be shining that hour!

  • Hey @drts - it is hard as a solar user. You have to be careful to opt out of events if the weather doesn't cooperate. Right now, CAISO doesn't actually have a baseline calculation for solar users, nor do they actually pay us for your products to the grid. This is a direction we are hopeful they will move and for that reason we accept solar users.

    Since the market infrastructure doesn't exist for solar users right now, we can't change your prediction. I recommend opting out when you don't think you can meet your forecast! Check out what @warren_wu and others are saying over in this thread .

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