Notifications delayed/not arriving?

10 days ago there was an OHM hour and I was notified by text when it was over. Then last night I got a text about one 5 min prior. Usually I get notice the day before. Luckily for the one 10 days ago we weren't home, so it didn't matter but if we lost points because of this, I would be pretty annoyed. Any reason why this is suddenly happening?


  • SrelazSrelaz FullertonMember Posts: 123

    There was a notice a week or so ago saying that there might be little warning if there was exceptional demand or if a plant went offline unexpectedly. Yeah, 5 minutes notice wasn't very awesome. I had time to light some candles and unplug some devices.

  • LightsOutLightsOut Member Posts: 4
    Yea I mean 5 min is pretty annoying but at least then I can opt out. What was worse was when it sent notification after it was over.
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