I just got 9 out of 10 on my saving hours in a row and didn't level up

Can someone look at my account. I did 10 saving hours in a row and got points for 9 of them. I was supposed to level up to platinum when I did that but I didn't level up.


  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    @jasmine winch This is an account specific request. Please contact OC Support directly for assistance - this is preferred over tagging a moderator such as @Kate from OhmConnect
  • jasmine winchjasmine winch Member Posts: 96
    It was delayed I guess. I got my bonus now.
  • David ImbodenDavid Imboden Member Posts: 1

    When I got to 9 out of 10, they decided to recheck SCE and it flagged me as still in Summer Discount Program. (I didn't realize I was still in since its not summer, I thought I opted out and the OhmConnect app thought I opted out.). So instead of going to Platinum, I got bumped to Bronze and can't do anything until I opt out. Which is fine, but when I chatted with @Kate from OhmConnect she says I may have to start over and get 9 more before going to Platinum. Doesn't seem right, so now I'm just trying to decide if its even worth it or just cashing out the points I earned already and walk away. So frustrating.

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