SmartThings, Neurio, Lutron

When will these be available?



  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    @[email protected] Quite frankly, probably not for awhile since historically, they've been really slow to add new products to their list of connected devices. And it's not completely their fault since they're also at the mercy of the manufacturers who they rely on to provide them access to their product so OC can automatically control them for users during an OH.

    Plus, keep in that there are hundreds of different devices on the market and I don't think OC has the presence and pull (yet) to compel manufacturers to make their devices compatible with OC's system from the onset.

    If you're looking for OC to automate your devices during an OhmHour sooner than later, then you're better off buying a device that is on their list and/or available in the store (which of course they sell because it's already compatible with their system).
  • rmeyersrmeyers Member Posts: 1

    I am going to second the smartthings request. I have 13 smart switches hooked up to mine so far, plus smart lights and smart plugs. None actually supported a year later. What do we need to make them compatible?

  • RallyRally Member Posts: 3

    With AutoOhms, the lack over any new device support since the start of the company (as far as I can tell) sucks even more.

  • echoecho Member Posts: 1

    Same, 36 smart switches under Smartthings, no interest in switching to a tp-link infrastructure that does a worse job.

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