Why can't I opt out of this ohm hour on 2/2

Kajsa CourtialKajsa Courtial Member Posts: 2
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It will not let me opt out, I do not want to participate.


  • dserfozodserfozo Member Posts: 13

    Same here! Keeps saying it's over though I began attempting to opt out at 8:00 on the dot. I'm doing laundry as well as working on my computer. I know that will equal negative points if this isn't resolved.

  • Kajsa CourtialKajsa Courtial Member Posts: 2
    @Kate from OhmConnect - I continually tried to opt out of tonight's ohm hour, on my phone through the text, as well as through my email link. I also tried on my laptop, which did not work. I do not want to lose points because it would not work properly...
  • breesalabreesala Member Posts: 8
    I had the same issue last night. :(
  • MGsfMGsf Member Posts: 2

    Same issue for us

  • jasmine winchjasmine winch Member Posts: 96
    I had the same issue. It kept telling me it was over and it didn't even start. I took a screenshot it that I attached. You can see the actual time on my phone on the top and the bottom it says the saving our is over. I decided since I couldn't opt out I would participate lol but this is for sure a huge inconvenience. Hope it gets fixed soon!
  • jasmine winchjasmine winch Member Posts: 96
    Don't know why it didn't upload but here it is
  • Hi All: We are looking into the issue that caused some folks to get an error message when trying to opt out of the #OhmHour that took place on 2/6.

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