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I went 0.027kWh over and lost points

I've seen Katie tell people that if we go 0.2kWh over we will lose points but I went 0.027kWh and lost points?


  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 987Moderator
    Hmm...that doesn't seem right. Maybe Kate meant users would lose points for going over their forecast by 20 watts hours (0.020 kWh).

    @Qwantom Mekanic please contact OC support directly, so they can look at your account.

    Then let us know what you find out. Thanks!
  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 1,049Administrator

    Hi All:
    We just made the decision to deprecate the .02 kWh threshold. We did used to have it. When we rolled out streaks on Friday, we decided to remove this threshold in order to afford to pay our users these new bonuses. We hope this will make up for anything you may lose!

  • Hunhoff1319Hunhoff1319 Posts: 26Member
    So if my "forecasted" is say .8 kwh and I use .6kWh, but AFTER the ohm hour is complete the "forecasted" changes to .5 kWh, I will lose points? How is this fair?
  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 987Moderator
    @Hunhoff1319 It's not about being fair or unfair. It's about understanding how your forecast is calculated and why it can change.

    Check out this blog for an in-depth explanation:

    I guess you can say that forecasting your energy use is like forecasting the weather. You don't know whether or not it's going to rain for sure until it's already raining...
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