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Friends referral not posted though they started using Ohmconnect

SaveEnergySaveEnergy Posts: 2Member

I have referred many friends and they are effectively using ohmconnect. couple of my friends recently joined using my referral link, yet their referral points not yet posted in my account. Please look into this.



  • giraffes_67giraffes_67 Lake CountyPosts: 14Member
    I been tagging friends to this , and not sure if any have signed up yet.
  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 979Moderator
    @SaveEnergy That's awesome that a lot of friends you've invited have joined! Are they all in CA and a PGE, SCE or SDGE customer and at the silver level or higher? If not, you won't earn referral points (I hope that changes in the future) because OC can't get access to their energy data to determine how much energy they've saved, so they can't monetize their participation and sell these user's energy savings into the energy market, which is how they make money to award points.

    If they are in CA and are a customer of 1 of the 3 utilities I listed above, have you checked and/or confirmed that they filled out the permission (aka CISR) form and got approval from their utility?

    Bottomline, you will only get referral points once they reach the silver level or higher. No points for users at the carbon or bronze levels.

    @giraffes_67 this is probably a silly question - what do you mean by "tagging friends"?
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