Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04

When are our points going to show from previous Ohm energy saving hours we participated in?

How long does it take for these to begin to show your points other than just the ones you didn't save on or overused energy?


  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    Depends how quickly your utility provides OC with your energy usage data. Could be 2 days or 2 months.
  • Still waiting on one from nearly a week ago - last Friday 2/10 7-8pm in San Diego. Others since that one have been posted.

  • Kate from OhmConnectKate from OhmConnect Posts: 967Administrator

    @Heather R. Weather - there was a processing delay for SDGE and SCE for this week. We're working with the two companies to make sure we receive the data in the correct format needed to process!

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