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OhmHour "usage" incorrect again

Seagirl714Seagirl714 Posts: 2Member
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This has only happened to me twice (once 17 weeks ago, once 2 days ago) but it is SO FRUSTRATING. I know with 100% certainty that I turned off all devices, unplugged unneeded devices, and even left the house...but somehow my usage was super high? Like my baseline has been as low as 0.077 with this strategy but somehow it was 3.419? Nope, definitely not. It's absolutely ridiculous that I'm losing points and my streak when I know I did it right and the reading is wrong.


  • Steve ESteve E Posts: 211Member, Moderator

    We use SCE as our utility company and on their website I am able to see my usage by day and then if I decide I want more detail I am able to "drill down" on the data and see it hourly for each day

    I often look up this data the day after an OhmHour to see how we did against our estimate. If you are SCE you can use this to verify your data for the OhmHours‚ if you don't have SCE I would assume your utility company has something similar.

  • curtistonguecurtistongue Posts: 42Administrator

    SCE, PGE, and SDGE all have this downloadable 'Green Button Data.' If there's every a big discrepancy between the actual data you're seeing from the utility and our data, please let us know and we'll investigate.

    These two numbers should be pretty close to identical.

  • Seagirl714Seagirl714 Posts: 2Member
    For mine I'm clearly going to need to turn everything off 30 minutes before. It shows super low at 5 and 6, but I know I shut everything off at 4. I think it's just the frequency with which they check my usage.
  • AKPsi VinceAKPsi Vince Union CityPosts: 971Moderator
    @Seagirl714 You turn "everything" off? How about your refrigerator? Most people forget it's using power because it's running 24/7. And with your HVAC system - do you always remember to turn it off when you leave your home? Because most people are using heaters this time of year (instead of AC, which are huge electric hogs) and they use gas, they also forget about or aren't aware of the fan, which uses electricity, that is more than likely on to circulate the warm air around your house.
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