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Just hit platinum

Hi there just hit platinum and didn't get a bonus. What happened?


  • Right now, status updates are processed each morning.

  • SummerSummer Posts: 82
    So now we only get it monthly
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 712
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    In terms of getting something monthly, what are you referring to? Status updates? Streak bonus points? Leveling up bonus points - going from gold to platinum?

    I guess I'm just not sure where you're getting MONTHLY from because if it's in regards to status updates, Kate said they are processed DAILY every morning.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 119
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    Can you post the screenshot?

    The same thing happened to me. I became platinum last week and missed the bonus because I'd already achieved the status, apparently.

    I'm now back at Silver, as it seems I have not had an OhmHour where I saved > 1 kWh in the last 90 days. I'll get that back as soon as they update for Friday's OhmHour.

    I'm not sure I care anymore about the status as there no longer seems to be any benefit of going up a level, unless I'm missing something?
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    I tried to, maybe have better luck this time?
  • Those were the 2 people that I had invited to join ohm in January. . . They've since been confirmed and participating.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 119
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    I meant this one......Where you said "I even took a screenshot of my dashboard that said I would earn 5000 points as soon as I leveled up to platinum status"

    Can you post that screenshot???
  • That is the screenshot I took, it says it right above the green arrow.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 119
    Sorry I missed it. I had the same one, the key is the word "First" and I didn't know I'd already attained it, you must have too.
  • I took that screen shot in January when I first invited my friends & I never reached platinum for the 1st time until February 2017. . . I remember watching for the level status to change once I realized it gave me a $5 bonus for reaching silver, and then I had $20 in points all of a sudden and was gold. . . So I've basically been waiting & watching for the upgrade to platinum level to happen for quite a while. . .
  • SummerSummer Posts: 82
    Sonz i apologize thought it said monthly
  • That Son Of A BitzThat Son Of A Bitz Union CityPosts: 712
    @Summer No worries!

    @MrsBTaylor1985@gmail.com Did you already check your point history and confirm that you had not received 5,000 points for reaching platinum? Based on what you describe here, since you got the level incentive for reaching silver and gold, I have to assume you already got or will shortly get the 5,000-point incentive for hitting platinum.

    If you haven't received it, I highly recommend you contact OC support to look into if you haven't already.
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 119
    I've never received any points for up levelling but apparently I was "platinum" when the plan was rolled out on 11/18 (I think that was the date). Is there a way of confirming that from the points history?
  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 119

    Here's the screenshot of my points history

  • @MrsBTaylor1985@gmail.com I'm sorry to hear you aren't happy. I have been kept informed of this program since it was rolled out.

    We first rolled out Status updates before changing the referral structure. As such, users who were Silver/Gold/Platinum would have seen these for 1-2 weeks before the bonuses changed. I can speak with our product team about the fact that you didn't see the different status.

    Our goal at OhmConnect is not to punish users, deny points, or anything of that nature, but as a business when we roll new features out, especially those tied to monetary incentives, we do have to be careful about the exact dates when features go into effect. I'm on the side of our customers, but I do represent the business as well so I'm trying to help by explaining what's going on here.

    Let's chat more privately.

  • @Summer This isn't updated monthly..it's daily!

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