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I bought and installed an Ostart smart plug from Amazon, but was disappointed to find the brand not listed on OC. Why can we use only certain device brands?

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  • jasgenjasgen Member Posts: 15

    I just took advantage of the CEC50 + special code email from Ohm, for a pair of freebie-rebate TP-Link smart plugs... if you have that email, you're good to go.

  • sylviatsang4sylviatsang4 South San Francisco Bay AreaMember Posts: 1
    edited April 2018

    Bought have been using 3 smart plugs that aren't listed for several weeks before I knew about OhmConnect. Discouraging that I can't get credit for them.

  • Christian WittChristian Witt Member Posts: 3
    Same here, I'm having to use the vesync app separately when there is an oh hour... Oh well. Maybe they will expand the brands they support soon
  • c1courtneyc1courtney El Dorado Hills, CAMember Posts: 35

    I'd say the free ones from here a definitely worth it, especially for the Tokens. Buying a few inexpensive ones in the beginning while you're building up the TP-Link ones from here, may be some valuable insurance against streak breakage. I bought a 4pack for $30 during Amazon Prime day just for that.

  • katdeckerkatdecker Member Posts: 1

    VeSync works with IFTTT, would love to see this brand supported by #OhmConnect!

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