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Juicebox EV charger issues

XorjonXorjon Posts: 12Member

I have my Juicebox EV charger set to use my Super-Off-Peak Time-of-Use hours (10pm to 8am). I also had OhmConnect configured to control my Juicebox for OhmHour.
At the end of my 7pm-8pm OhmHour tonight my Juicebox started charging even though it should have been off until 10pm (and it was not charging before OhmHour started)

For now, I'm going to disconnect it from Ohmconnect for now since we don't often get OhmHour in those hours anyway.


  • Baba GheBaba Ghe Posts: 16Member
    Hi, if you don't mind me asking, how were you able to con ECT your juicebox to ohmconnect? I am having issues like username password wrong. Or when I use juicebox ID, It connects but status is always unknown so ohmconnect cannot really control it. Is there any trick to it?
  • Steve ReedSteve Reed Posts: 111Member

    I have not noticed this on our Juicebox, but I think the Volt is scheduled to charge after midnight, so maybe the Juicebox tried, but the volt ignored it. I think there is a log for the Juicebox, it might be worth checking to see what it was thinking.

    It definitely should not just turn on charging at the end of the ohmhour, unless it was charging before it started. That could easily cost more than the Omhhour points, since on peak TOU rate are quite high in many places ($0.30 per kWh more for me).

  • Steve ReedSteve Reed Posts: 111Member

    Right after the ohmhour last night. I notice my electricity usage was spiking. I remembered this thread, and checked the Volt, and sure enough it was charging. Strange since the volt is schedule for after midnight.

    I will be disconnect the Juicebox form Ohmconnect as well. Triggering an EV to charge counteracts all the peeker plant usage we tried to reduce and then some, since I doubt the peeker plant shut off exactly at the end of the Ohmhour.

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