Connect Philips Hue with Google account login

My Hue account uses a Google account for authentication so it doesn't have a password to use. How can I connect Hue without providing a password? I didn't see in OAuth login options while connecting.


  • Hmm....I'm not sure that's possible right now :( We're working on this integration...I'll let the team know there is increasing interest!

  • snetphiliesnetphilie ConcordMember, Moderator Posts: 139

    I ran into the same issue but hadn't brought it up. Looking into it a bit more, other people have complaints about the Hue login process with other products as well. Google's response has been that Philips is the one making the login requirements and Philips basically has no response. It may be that the only way to get this to work is either for Ohmconnect to support the Google Login process, or to delete your Hue account and create a new account with a non Google email. If I try the second option, I'll let you know what issues I run into, since I'm sure there will be a few.

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